Day One

Birth is a death sentence

You might like to make your friends aware of a ruthless assassin named Kachada before he decides to drop in on them unexpectedly. The best way to do so is by reading, Day One, a fiction thriller chronicling his malevolent past. The first of a three-part series.

Once upon a time...

The year is 1979...

…political incorrectness reigns with the outrageous antics of Caddyshack and The Blues Brothers at the top of the movie charts and the world tunes into “Who Shot JR?” Post-It Notes go on sale. Pac-Man and Rubik’s Cube swallow up our free time. Fax machines and Camcorders are the latest gadgets, but Radio Shack is the talk of Wall Street. Blondie’s “Call Me” sends young testosterone into overdrive while Richard Gere does the same with estrogen in American Gigolo. President Jimmy Carter boycotts the Summer Olympics. Budweiser is the “King of Beers” and the Super Bowl is the “King of Sports.” Mean Joe Green wins the hearts of mothers across America with his new catchphrase, “Hey kid, Catch!” We all “Have a Coke and a Smile” as “Bronco & The Wizard” gives chase to the American Dream.

Based on a true story.

Written as an Urban Fantasy.


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