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On the streets of Paris

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Standing on the Rue du Temple in Paris in front of the Modus Gallery within the shadows of the Eiffel Tower I stop in mid-stride as if I had just discovered a new species. The powerful color and design taunt passers-by to stop and take a closer look.

I muster the courage and step into the crowd and see the poster promoting a new showing.

I read the large lettered headline: Aponi. Then the caption below the image: A full-blooded American Indian beauty. Painted by world-renowned artist Comanche Chief Peta.

As a young warrior, I would watch my grandpa, Chief Peta, create powerful images by dipping his hawk tail feathers into the water, then mix the dried colors of ground plants and flowers and with one swipe he would create the likeness of a horse and another swipe,​ a warrior riding the horse.

When I asked how he paints without drawing it first,​ he told me: "I paint what I know. When I do, I discover something new about myself. We all have visions. But only those brave enough to expose their soul, discover art is powerful medicine."

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