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5-Star Review: Don Sedei is a master storyteller...

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Free on Amazon Nov 13-14.

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive by Don Sedei is a spellbinding thriller with elaborately developed characters, a solid plot, and a conflict that is colossal. A post from an online French left-wing radical blogging magazine, La Vérité Est, ignites a series of events that eventually pull Kachada Toscano out from the shadows, with a Senate hearing that turns up a CIA dossier with his name attached to it. It is time the world hears his own truth and he is coming out as a vengeful protagonist. How can he forget the image of Joanne lying on the floor with her throat slit? She was his partner. Toscano is back to settle scores and he has no plan of leaving an enemy alive, especially those who turned him into a killer. Don Sedei is a master storyteller at the top of the game and a writer who understands that for a powerful warrior to succeed in the genre, he must face more powerful adversaries. The protagonist has deep roots in the Comanche tradition, a man who hunts down his enemies like beasts, but he is faced with mafia thugs who are equally unforgiving. The sense of Comanche justice is deftly handled in this novel. While I won’t say the book is filled with twists, it does have a protagonist who is unpredictable and that alone makes him irresistible; he goes after the least expected targets, defying the odds and flirting with death through each page. The setting takes readers across different locations around the globe and the author writes about locales in which the story takes place with vividness, infusing the writing with strong imagery.

Day Two: Leave No Enemy Alive is exhilaratingly fast, featuring a cast of complex characters that include members of government agencies and officials. This is a pulsating read, an action-packed story that will keep any reader turning the pages, thanks to the magnetic first-person narrative voice that brilliantly captures the point of view of the protagonist.

DAY TWO: Leave No Enemy Alive Now Free: Nov. 13-14



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