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The Unimaginable Journey of an Assassin

From the very beginning, Kachada Toscano knew his life was destined to be anything but normal.

Enter Part One: The world of a ruthless assassin on a quest for revenge in the action-packed fiction thriller. DAY ONE: Birth is a Death Sentence where the unlikely tale of two parallel universes—the chilling ancestral traditions of the Comanche tribe and the ruthless code of the Sicilian Mafia—mysteriously intersect. Available Everywhere.

Part Two: Where you will find this deadly assassin in the world’s darkest corners. DAY TWO: Leave No Enemy Alive, continues the heart-wrenching suspense as the emotional rollercoaster ride takes an even darker turn when Kachada vows to deliver Comanche justice to those who turned him into a killer. Available Everywhere.

The thrilling conclusion to Part Three of the Kachada Trilogy, THE END?: Hope is the enemy evil fears most. Kachada must make a final stand to deliver justice to the one responsible for the death of his family and end his quest for revenge only to learn there is no end. His life as a ruthless assassin is part of a bigger plan. Coming November 2023

If you enjoyed The Godfather or The Outsider, then you’ll be enthralled by the Kachada Trilogy.

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