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We were humbled

When Ross, Stan, Scott, and I were introduced by a third party in 2015 to a prospective client we had not idea of what we were about to enter into. #CyberspaceDefense #MilitaryGovernment #Patriots #Heroes #Branding #Websites #IdentityDevelopment #OnlineBrochures #DefenseSystems #NewKnowledge #Novel #FictionThrillers

To our surprise, we were being vetted by a group of true patriots. Ex CIA, NSA, FBI, DOD, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, War Heroes from all branches of our Government and Military.

We immediately were humbled by such patriotic resumes. Once we became approved as one of their contractors working as part of the team assigned to develop a branding program for several sub-brands of their corporate brand, name withheld, of cyber defense systems.

For over two years we developed logos, names, Internet product sheets, white papers, protected websites for the various brands as part of an intensive program they believed to be essential to protecting our country.

To these patriots, it was clear WWIII will be fought in cyberspace. So developing a cyber hacking defense system in a timely manner was critical to them and to their affiliates.

Our small select creative team was asked to go dark while working on their projects for thirty-two months.

Inspired by working alongside such amazing minds and patriots I decided to return to my novel I was writing based on a friend I had worked with. I embellish it with my new found knowledge turning it into the three-part fiction thriller I now call the Kachada Series.

The first of the series Day One: Birth is a death sentence launched on February 4, 2019, available at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Google Books etc. For more insight on the series go to

You can learn more about the creative team our website highlighting a few of our past accomplishments. We are now available to work with any agency, clients or brands as a creative team or as consultants.

The work we have done for the cyber defense team will eventually make it to our site after we redact the critical information from the produced work and update the site.

For more information email us at:

Don Sedei -

Ross Myers –

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