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In Honor of Veterans Day

I know it's been ten days ago, but we should be honoring our Veterans every day. When Ross, Stan, Scott, and I were introduced by Chris, a third party in 2015, to a prospective client, we had no idea of what we were about to enter into.

To our surprise, we were being vetted by a group of true patriots. Ex CIA, NSA, FBI, DOD, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, War Heroes from all branches of our Government and Military.

Once we were approved as an outside contractor we were presented with the task to help them develop a branding program to promote their new cyber technology defense systems.

To these patriots, it was clear WWIII would be fought in cyberspace. So, developing a reliable cyber hacking defense system was critical to them and the Pentagon.

Our small select creative team was asked to go dark to develop logos, names, Internet product sheets, white papers, and protected websites for the various brands as part of an intensive program they developed and believed would be essential to promoting and educating Pennsylvania Avenue on their new technology.

After thirty-two months of working alongside faceless clients, their goals were met, and our work was done. Inspired by their patriotism, I returned to writing the novel I started years ago with a newfound respect and knowledge that turned my one-off novel into the three-part fiction thriller I now call the Kachada Trilogy.

I salute the unsung heroes dedicated to protecting our space.

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