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"Brilliantly written"

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"Style of writing is refreshingly different"

"If you like Robert Ludlum's books you'll enjoy this one"

"If you're looking for action and depth, chase the minutes in DAY ONE"

"A hyperventilating read"

Those are the five-star reviews of DAY ONE: Birth is a death sentence. The first of the three-part dark fiction thriller KACHADA SERIES. As a new author, my mission is to only write original, entertaining, and unpredictable stories that leave you hyperventilating with anticipation at every turn of the page.

Once you turn the first page of DAY ONE: you are introduced to Kachada Toscano, a tortured soul since birth fleeing from a death that constantly stalks him where two unlikely parallels—the chilling ancestral traditions of the Comanche tribe and the ruthless code of the Sicilian Mafia—mysteriously intersect. His tale will test your emotions as they ricochet from happy to sad to unimaginable causing your palms to sweat leaving you many a restless night.

I promised my readers I would have DAY TWO: Leave no enemy alive, released in March of 2020. Now, here it is September and I've finally collected all the editors, proofreaders, and copy editors' notes and made my adjustments. The COVID-19 has been putting the kibosh on the entire publishing channels causing quite a backlog. Sleep has not been part of the routine, but now I have it published for ebook and kindle. To make it easy you can pre-order from any retailer via my website. Hardcover and paperback are just weeks away.

DAY TWO, Kachada's heart wrenching moral struggle to survive continues to flee death as his unimaginable journey takes you to the coal mines nestled in the hills of the Allegheny Mountains to the exotic shores of Malta to the bloody waters of Wabi Shebelle River Kachada ruthlessly hunts down his enemies hiding in the underbelly of the evil underworld. He courts death like a smitten lover chasing every new minute as a second chance at life uncovering the identity of the mystery man called Ten-ex.

The third and final book I call THE END?: Day three. I have started it and I promise you. The ending will be, love me or hate me, reaction. It will challenge everything you've been taught to believe.

For those who have not read DAY ONE, there is no other protagonist like Kachada Toscano. His unimaginable journey is a wicked ride of an emotional and moral struggle that takes you on a heart wrenching, intense, and thoughtful adventure like no other assassin genre has before. If you don't believe me, just read the reviews. As a new author, my audience is small but growing, as I release DAY TWO and later in 2021, THE END?

You can order DAY ONE: Birth is a death sentence, and DAY TWO: Leave no enemy alive, at any bookstore, online or offline. Or make it easy on yourself. Just go to and it will take you to the retailer and format of your choice.

As a relatively new writer on the scene, I want you to know I appreciate any feedback you may have. My advertising days have shrouded me with thick skin.

Now it's time for a shower and shave and get back to writing THE END?: Day three.

I hope you enjoy the dark fiction thriller: KACHADA SERIES and follow Kachada Toscano, from his inaugural breath to his very last.

Don Sedei

My novels are always: Original. Entertaining. Unpredictable.

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