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I Did My Research

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

After three years of crafting the Kachada Series here are the results.

Hi. I’m Don Sedei, the author of the Kachada Series. DAY ONE: Birth is a death sentence, a fiction thriller and the first of the three-part series. My debut as an author.

My initial goal was to attract a literary agent but I failed to get much of a response. I was warned by successful authors via the Internet that an unknown author should not expect a response if any from an agent. They suggest to give it six months and then move on to self-publishing. They advise, if you have any success with your first release then you might get lucky and hear from an agent if your first novel is part of a series.

I took that advice and after having my novel copy edited, line edited and proofread numerous times over fifty-seven rewrites and three years I decided it was time to take that next step.


After decades of creating marketing campaigns for a client’s new products, services etc. I understood the value of research. The idea of reaching out to discerning customers and users of my client’s brands were key to a successful launch. The input was then evaluated and translated into tweaking the final campaign before the actual launch.

So, I exercised those same skills and lessons on my novel debut of DAY ONE: Birth is a death sentence.

I reached out to those I identified as serious readers. Readers who are hardly ever seen without a book or two in their hands or on their tablet. Some, more dedicated to fiction and non-fiction authors of thrillers, mysteries and yes, romance and fantasies. Each critical on which books they choose to read and are influenced by posted reviews.

Then I asked if each of them if they would mind taking the time to read and review my novel. Some were too busy to do so others were kind enough to donate their their time.

In this article, I have the release of six quotes. Each has approved me using their quote with their full names and others with just their first names for privacy reasons.

Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised. Being a first-time author I was anxious to hear what they had to say and curious to see if I really had something worth reading.

By choosing to exercise a preorder launch it gave me the opportunity to take their criticism and adjust the areas of concern before the final release on February 4th, 2019. It also presented me the opportunity to tweak the cover design.

I had twelve paperbacks printed and sent them out in early November to a dozen readers. Here are the results of six of those readers who have responded. The other readers assure me they are sending me their quotes and I will release them, with their approval, once they arrive.

“DAY ONE is a winner.” –David Getty

“I didn’t like it. I loved it.” –Harriet S.

“WOW!” –Dave Nicholls

“With ‘Day One,’ Don Sedei has created an indelible and dynamic character in Kachada Toscano. Culturally complex and physically deadly, he is a modern day black knight.

The action is non-stop. I couldn’t put it down.” –Jon Weiman

“This is one wild ride leaving me wanting more.” –Therese Sanders

“Once I entered Sedei’s strange world of unpredictable chaos, I was addicted.” –Jack Wolf

Naturally, my hope is to use these reviews to promote my novel series with the intent that you might risk trying an unknown author like me. If you do, I would like to know your opinion and feel free to give it your review.

I am writing DAY TWO: Leave no enemy alive, so your input will be of great value to me.

For more info on my bio you can go to

Thank you for your time,

Don Sedei

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