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The fans were loud. The stadiums were full. The game was fun. Names like, Mean Joe. The Snake...

For those lucky enough to have been there, go back and enjoy the game when it was an event. For those who've seen the old footage of Tony Dorsett sprinting sixty yards for a touchdown and the crushing blows of Dick Butkus, now's the time to read about the outrageous fan frenzy period of NFL history.

Tale of Bronco & The Wizard ...

...will entertain you from page one with football wizardry leaving you with a smile wishing you'd been part of the glory years where The Black Hole, Dawg Pound, and real men wore dresses and pig faces in the stands of RFK Stadium.

The lighthearted urban fantasy about friendship, football, and wizards will give you the football fan fix you deserve during this COVID Football Season.

You can find it at Amazon, or your favorite retailer, or better yet, make it easy on yourself and go to and order it from your retailer of choice.

Escape the COVID GAMES and read about golden years of football when it was fun, knowing next season is just around the corner. I hope.

Till then, enjoy the ride.

Don Sedei


My novels are always:

Original. Entertaining. Unpredictable.

Learn more at

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