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Written without remorse

The Kachada Series is a violent fiction thriller written without remorse. The study of one man’s life from his inaugural breath to his very last.

This tale is where two unlikely universes—the chilling traditions of the Comanche Tribe and the ruthless code of the Sicilian Mafia—mysteriously intersect.

The once passive and brilliant young Kachada Toscano had dreams of saving lives as a neurosurgeon when at the age of nineteen, his bright future is stamped with an expiration date forcing him to measure his life, not by years or months but by the minute.

Living on the edge, courting death like a smitten lover he develops a fierce devotion to his past, his family, as well as the Mafia and Comanche ideals of honor and justice.

He’s unknowing lured into a violent world and uses every new minute of his precarious future as a second chance at life to mete out justice to those who dare to threaten his family vowing to leave no enemy alive.

The first of the three-part series Day One: Birth is a death sentence, was released February 4th of 2019 on Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Google Play​ and Barnes & Noble.

To learn more about the author and the Kachada Series visit

Part two of the Kachada Series: DAY TWO: Leave no enemy alive will be released in early 2020.

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