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January 3,1974

At the age of nineteen his senior year in Duquesne University on January 3, 1973 Dr. Myers summoned Kachada and his mother Taabe to his office.

Dr. Myers turned on his lightbox revealing the X-rays of Kachada's neck and throat and said, "You have what we call lymphoma, part of a group of blood cancers developed in your lymphatic system; your specific type is called Hodgkin's lymphoma. I am sorry to say, I give you two years to live. That is being optimistic."

Kachada was a brilliant student with a photographic memory and entered college at the young age of fifteen turning sixteen in October of Freshman year. He had dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon following the field of medicine and science like his mother Taabe a scientist working alongside Dr. Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

From that day on Kachada decided to change the two years to 1,051,200 minutes. He counted each minute vowing to outlive his life sentence.

Thus begins the unimaginable journey of Kachada Toscano.

DAY ONE: Birth is a death sentence is the first of the three-part fiction thriller I call the Kachada Series.

Visit for more on the author and Kachada Toscano

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Sep 23, 2021

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